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This mixed use facility consists of condominums, a hotel and a shared parking facility.  Condominum owners enjoy easy access via AVI and Keyfob solutions while hotel guests use there room key. 
Access Technology Integration, Inc. has implemented numerous systems in a number of vertical markets including: Hospitals, Transit Authorities, Hotels, Municipalities, Universities, Convention Centers and a number of private entities. 

Here are a few of our most recent installations:
Access Technology Integration, Inc.
38 High Rock - Condominum & Hotel
Cooperstown - Multi-Space Meters 
The Village of Cooperstown selected ATI to provide multi-space meters along Main Street.  The meters include a color display within a moss green cabinet.  The Village will begin collecting
May 25, 2013.
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Recently completed construction introduces automation  allowing attendant more time to assist university visitors while completely automating an unmanned lot.
University Automates New Lots.....
Hotel Automates parking....(click photo to enlarge)
A local Hotel automated it's parking operation by allowing guests to use their room key to enter and exit the facility.  Visitors using the Hotel's parking facility pay on exit via credit card.