Bundle Your Business with Amano®
Amano’s New Business Starter Kits provide the latest technology in financial management software and Time & Attendance Solutions through one resource. This newly developed concept delivers QuickBooks Pro, Time Guardian and Nexus Lite (Access Control) in one bundle. Every business can benefit from controlling restricted areas, tracking employee time and transferring data more effectively to payroll. Join millions of Americans in securing every aspect of your business.
Access Technology Integration, Inc.
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BSK-100 MTX-15/A300 and QuickBooks Pro
BSK-200 MTX-15/Prox and QuickBooks Pro
BSK-300 FPT-40/A843 and QuickBooks Pro
BSK-400 MTX-15/Prox, Nexus Lite/A906 and QuickBooks Pro
BSK-500 FPT-40/A843, Nexus Lite/A906 and QuickBooks Pro
BSK-600 MTX-15/Prox, Nexus Lite/A904 and QuickBooks Pro
BSK-700 FPT-40/A843, Nexus Lite/A904 and QuickBooks Pro